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The inspiring career of Louis Chenevert

June 12, 2018 • fishcarolina

Louis Chenevert has had a successful career, from a production manager at General Motors to leading United Technologies Corporation and now as an advisor to Goldman Sachs. He has transitioned through various stages in his career where he had picked up vital lessons which he has applied in the next level of management. The story of his success is inspiring to many people who continue working hard for career growth. Louis Chenevert believes that, in life, it does not matter where you start but where you end up at. His success can be attributed to the fact that he knew what he wanted from a very young age and worked consistently on improving his career. He was never born with a silver spoon on his mouth; everything he has today has been out of his dedication and commitment.

Louis Chenevert is from Montreal, Canada. He was born in 1950 from a humble family that was working hard to improve their status. At a young age, he gained interest in business and entrepreneurship. He started working towards goals aligned to his interests. One thing he knew was that, with dedication and hard work, it was just a matter of time before his dreams came true. This is exactly what has played out in his life. He has worked so hard that he has transcended to positions he would never have thought would be possible.

Louis Chenevert is a production management graduate from HEC Montreal School of Business. With his education, his role is to help businesses to establish means of production that are in line with the goals of the business. Mainly what every business wants is to have high-quality products produced in high volumes and at a lower cost. The input of the production department will have a huge impact on the success of other departments. So, by having a good production manager, all other departments can as well be very successful. Louis Chenevert has helped the companies he has worked for to establish efficient production systems which facilitate quick growth. At UTC, he will be remembered for overseeing the production of the first geared Turbofan jet engine.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Gives Bradesco Bank A Better Business Model

June 5, 2018 • fishcarolina

When Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi started working for Bradesco, he knew there were things he could do to change the bank. He also knew the bank would have someone like him for a long time so he looked at that as a positive opportunity to keep making things better. Even though Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi felt he had a lot of things to do, he always put the bank first. He focused on making it the best it could be and that’s part of what he made sure he was doing no matter what he did with other people. There were times when he had to keep showing people what he was doing and that’s a big part of the work he did while running Bradesco.

Luiz wasn’t always the CEO or even in a high position at the bank. In fact, he started out entry-level. He was actually in one of the lowest positions as clerk when he started and that made it hard for him to imagine doing more in the future. He wanted to keep doing things right and wanted to be sure he was offering these experiences to everyone who needed help, but he could only do a few things.

Despite only being able to do a few minor things when he was working there, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi did it all the best way he could. He knew what it would be like to do things the right way and do things that would make a difference for him. Even when Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had to work hard to help people, he felt there were things he could do to continue offering positive experiences. It made sense for him to continue trying things that would work out on their own and work to become better.

Read more: Bradesco: New president to leave executive body, says Trabuco

After he became the CEO of the company, Luiz realized he had more to offer. Not only did he know how to help customers but he also put them first every time he did different things. The customers saw him as someone who knew how to handle different situations and put them first. They also saw someone who was important and who did a lot of things differently from other people. According to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi made sure customers enjoyed what he had to offer and how he helped them with everything they did.

Not only did Luiz grow as the CEO of the company but Bradesco also grew as a business. Bradesco became the second largest bank in Brazil. More people could do things that would help them and that was an important part of the process. Luiz saw it as his way of bringing a lot of improvements to a bank. He didn’t do it because he wanted to make the bank better. Instead, he did it because he wanted customers to have a better experience no matter what they wanted from the bank. The bank was a place where most customers could feel like they were doing things the right way and making things easier on everyone who had the best decisions possible. The bank offers different services.


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The Distinguishable Kamil Idris

May 24, 2018 • fishcarolina

Recent scientific research suggest individuals who curse, may have a higher IQ. The University of Rochester did a study asking a vast group of individuals daily habits they partake in. Examples would include singing in the shower to cursing out loud. Through this research they discovered it is possible for people who possess a higher IQ to curse more often. The writer of this article; Stephanie Kimmell begins to show an example of this by telling a story about her grandfather. Her grandfather was loving and caring man with a array of different skills. He worked with General Motors, Allison Research Center and eventually got into agriculture. Her family even benefits to this day from his pecan trees he planted and the vineyard he started. She mentions her grandfather was a very intelligent man who happened to curse a lot. And even though her and the other grandkids were called “bastards”. Through him it was a term of endearment. Her grandfather experience a debilitating stroke in the 1980’s and when he was finally able to begin communicating again curse words were about all he spoke. And that was perfectly fine with them!

Biography of Kamil Idris

The first Hague Peace Conference began in 1899, this court of arbitration is a very distinguished international law firm. Kamil Idris is a honorable member of this court. His job includes providing options in settling international disputes. The Permanent Court of Attribution is different because its allows for private sessions and the attributors chose their own parties. Kamil Idris is in charge of keeping the peace and respect between different parties. As well as making sure the different parties cooperate. Kamil Idris has accepted many invitations throughout the years to very distinguishable companies and businesses to discuss and lead important facts and aspects about panels of arbitration.


Have Read The New Novel in Town? Introducing Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

May 24, 2018 • fishcarolina

Many cannot really comprehend the real thing that is going on in the mind of Sean Penn who has been known as a movie and film actor but now he seems to change roles and has become an author. It is remembered that he just became the Best Actor in the Academy Awards. Penn has been a producer, a film director, published many pieces, and interviewed renowned people like the president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez, president of Cuba Raul Castro and El Chapo the Mexican drug lord. What really is he up to?

Well, Sean Penn is more focused on the future of his country and of course, he wanted to do a more relaxing job. His new novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”, has become the subject of many who are continuously trying to get answers. The New York Times described the book as “a riddle wrapped in an enigma and cloaked in crazy”. The book has stirred reactions of many specifically the #MeToo poem he has written in the book.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is novel that basically describes the irony in the American politics. The main character in the book is Bob Honey who is divorced and has different jobs that he does but the most noticeable is being a hired assassin by the government to kill the elderly using his mattock. Bob Honey is really struggling with his morals, life because of his environment and also the negative changes happening in his motherland, America.

In the Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, Bob hates his ex-wife and hubby and somehow expresses his crave for intimacy with Annie. As Bob Honey is investigated by Spurley the journalist in the novel, he fears for his future and of America. At one point he writes to his landlord who is seen as Donald Trump, that he is not a president who not only needs impeachment but also a man in need of intervention.

According to Penn, the book is about American culture not about its leadership. It was a way of relieving societal burnout; it was a way of avoiding defeat because he felt like a doctor whose patient one day will die. He has some stuff cooking; let’s wait for what next in store from Sean Penn.


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Clayton Hutson Helps Artists Try Different Things

May 14, 2018 • fishcarolina

Clayton Hutson engineers music so it can sound better in different areas. He always makes sure the music he works with is something he can make better and he tries helping more people with the issues they might be facing when they’re performing. There are many times when Clayton Hutson has to make sure he can do things the right way. No matter what Clayton Hutson does, it all goes back to the hard work he puts into the business and he puts into the sound he offers people. There are things that will help Clayton Hutson make sure everything is working and everything is getting better for the music. It’s his goal to help all the musicians he can so they have a chance to see things will keep getting better. For Clayton Hutson, the point of doing all this is so the musicians have a better chance at a successful tour. Learn more:


There were things that made it harder for other people to do the same things as Clayton Hutson. He knew everything would keep getting better and the opportunities he had made sense with everything he did. It was his goal of helping that allowed him the chance to do things the right way. Between the hard work he put into making artists sound better and making their tours work better at different venues, he is one of the top people who does this. There are no other sound engineers that do as good of a job as Clayton Hutson.


Since he started working in this industry, Clayton Hutson knew things would keep getting better for himself and for others who needed that help. He also knew everything would continue growing so he had to make sure he did it all the right way. Clayton Hutson liked making music sound better and continues doing that no matter who he’s working with. He has a lot of different techniques he uses for different genres and that helps him make things easier on himself and on the hard work he puts into the business opportunities he has for success in different areas.


IRLS Bolsters It’s Ranks With the Likes of Jeremy L. Goldstein

May 11, 2018 • fishcarolina

Good news! If you live in New York and need a lawyer, life just got a lot easier for you. The New York State Bar Association’s ever-trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Services (IRLS) now has a much anticipated online portal. This online portal should serve to ease the tension of finding a new lawyer. This system — which used to be telephone only — has seen tens of thousands of clients contact it every year. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Facebook and Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase

With an online system in their hand, New Yorkers are now probably the most connected clients in the world. Not only does IRLS find lawyers, it does it speedily and accurately.

IRLS finds lawyers that are part of the New York State Bar Association (which is 72,000 members strong) and refers clients to those specific lawyers. The system allows clients to find lawyers who have specific qualifications and specializations that related directly to the clients need.

If you need an example of how powerful this system is. One member of IRLS is Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein isn’t just a lawyer, he a high-powered lawyer machine. Jeremy runs the aptly named Jeremey L. Goldstein and Associates LLC. Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC.

Has been responsible for some of the largest and most powerful business transactions in the world. These include acquisitions of TPG and Alltel and in turn Verizon Wireless and Alltel as well as Cingular Wireless and AT&T. Of course, there have been hundreds and hundreds of other major acquisitions under Jeremy L. Goldstein’s reign. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein:

Prior to founding his firm, Jeremy was a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz a majorly successful business law firm. Goldstein has a J.D. From New York University School of Law and he was a cum laude at Cornell University. This massive amount of education and experience is what separates Jeremy L. Goldstein from the rest of the pack and makes his business such a success.

If you can find lawyers like Jeremy L. Goldstein on IRLS, then you can find any prominent lawyer on IRLS. This new system should prove to be able to meet any need that the user has. 72,000 lawyers is a massive force to have behind you, and IRLS has just that.

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Doe Deere – article recap

April 26, 2018 • fishcarolina

Beautiful and Bold Doe Deere exemplifies all that her cosmetic company Lime Crime embodies. She is bold and colorful. Her makeup line was created for people who are not introverts and are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Lime Crime came on the beauty scene through a YouTube targeted ad campaign involving makeup demonstrations. Lime Crime was a big hit with beauty bloggers and gained a huge following. The beautifully packaged makeup and daring colors helped Lime Crime attain a cultlike following. The Lime Crime Cosmetics line branded itself as makeup for “Unicorns.” Unicorns being individuals who are not afraid to wear the bright colors, glitter, and metallic makeup that comprise the Lime Crime makeup.


Though recently Lime Crime Cosmetics has come under fire as some beauty bloggers have made allegations that Lime Crime is not vegan and cruelty-free, there is no denying that Lime Crime Cosmetics are well-made, attractive, and come in beautifully designed cases. The Venus Palette comes in an artistic case featuring the goddess Venus herself and the cute Pocket Candy Palettes were inspired by Polly Pocket. The Lime Crime Cosmetics line is characterized by daring colors, glamorous glitter, and futuristic metallics. Learn more:


Stylist Magazine recently interviewed Doe Deere prior to the London opening of the pop-up shop Feelunique x Lime Crime on the 27th of April. Where she shares her thoughts on her cosmetics line, the challenges of being an entrepreneur, and the importance of her commitment to a vegan and cruelty- free makeup line. Doe Deere believes that her creative and bold makeup line is what helped her attain a cult-like status. The daring colors, glitters, and metallics stand out among other makeup lines, and standing out is what gained Lime Crime a cult following. The importance of individuality is what defines her cosmetics line and what Doe believes helped her cosmetics line succeed.


On her road from a fashion designer to a cosmetics beauty brand creator, Doe Deere has made some mistakes along the way but believes that these were small hurdles. She learned from her mistakes, and as a result, her company became better. One decision that was not a mistake was her determination to create a cosmetics line and a company that was vegan and cruelty-free. Doe Deere went so far as to certify her cosmetics as vegan and cruelty-free by the animal rights organization PETA and the Leaping Bunny Program. The certification by both organizations demonstrates to consumers the Lime Crime Cosmetics dedication to vegan and cruelty-free makeup.


Doe Deere recommends that women interested in entrepreneurship follow their passion, watch the market, and focus on providing a product or service that consumers want. Doe’s passion was her love of fashion and then her love of cosmetics. It was this passion that led her to create a cosmetics line and watch it grow from a company that only offered a few products to a company with a large catalogue of cosmetics. The Lime Crime name and beauty brand has attained recognition worldwide.

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Betsy DeVos a political fighter

April 12, 2018 • fishcarolina

Betsy DeVos was confirmed in the Senate in a 51-50 vote, with a tie-breaking vote that was cast by Vice President Mike Pence, which was the first ever from a cabinet officer. This has been the journey of Betsy, challenging the opposition and finding her way through politics. When Betsy was introduced to politics, she started out on a shaky ground which was witnessed through her shaky answers in her confirmation hearings.


After that, she was looked at as an ignorant politician, and she became really bored with the portrayal that she had in the eyes of the people. Although her friends say that she does not like the way the media portrays her, she does not show it, and she even states how the media have had fun with her. Additionally, in public forums, she just brushes off the mockery and even jokes about her confirmation hearings with the employees of the Education Department.


Once she was the Education Secretary, her first act was to plan a meeting up the leaders of the major teachers’ unions, Ms. Lily Eskelsen Garcia and Ms. Weingarten, the president of the National Education Association. Although Ms. Eskelse did not respond to Betsy’s invite, Ms. Weingarten decides to meet up with Betsy, and they planned out how they were going to visit schools together.


Mr. McNeilly supported the brilliant move made by Betsy because he knows that opposition to Betsy only channels her energy more into action. Betsy has always been a fighter when it comes to politics. Some people have stated that she has always been against regulation which contributed largely to the massive changes in public education. She has been at odds with people like John King, the former education secretary and founder of the charter schools because of her support of vouchers and opposition on regulation.


Betsy is seen as someone who has played a huge role in decimating public education through policies. Thomas Pedron, a Wayne State University professor agrees with this statement commented that Betsy is a strong figure when it comes to the choice movement, and he hopes that she will form an opening for a new focus on democratic public education. Since in the current setup, charters are funded by the public although they are privately operated, and around 80% of the charter schools in Michigan are for-profit.


Betsy has been a champion of educational choice, but her vision has always been to break down the mindset of students being discouraged from attending to some schools on a diffrent zip code. Betsy’s approach has always been to offer parents the freedom of taking their children to any school they saw fit. In the long term, Betsy would like to see how technology will favor the educational choice approach. She has seen that technology will break down the barriers or the restriction of education to facilities. If the right legislation is put in place, freedom will be more healthy for the education of the kids.


For updates, follow Betsy Devos on Facebook.

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Securus Technologies helps prisons fight battle against illegal cellphones

April 5, 2018 • fishcarolina

There’s no doubt that cellular communications have been one of the most revolutionary transformations to the way in which ordinary people communicate. Cellular telephony made it possible for levels of productivity that had never before been seen. And they increasingly made it possible for people everywhere to stay in nearly constant touch with work, friends and family, no matter where they are or what they are doing.


With the ubiquity of modern cellular devices, it is easy to forget that, not so long ago, cellphones were primarily restricted to use by the rich, successful and famous. The first cellular devices were extremely bulky and expensive. When cellular telephones first began becoming widely available in the mid-80s, they were primarily limited to car installations. The components required to allow the high-power transmission systems to operate often took up a significant portion of a car’s trunk space and weighed up to 100 pounds. These phones may have been mobile, but they certainly were not easily portable. The upside to the bulk of these systems is the surprising fact that many of the first cellular telephones had nearly the range of modern devices. This was because they had up to 10,000 times the transmission power of modern cellphones.


But as the 80s turned into the 90s, cellular networks became more robust. Phone towers began a period of rapid expansion that wouldn’t drop off until the 2010s. By the year 2000, cellphones had gone from being 100-pound monstrosities that could only be contained in the trunk of a car to weighing just a few ounces and being able to fit literally almost anywhere. At the same time, the costs of both acquiring and using cellphones had dropped precipitously. Now, anyone could afford their own cellphone.


These developments were great for the economy as a whole. But the U.S. prison system would quickly realize that not all technological advancements are universally good. Starting around 2000, contraband cellphones began flooding the nation’s jails and prisons. These phones were used to circumvent secure prison communications platforms. But the real danger came from the phones quickly falling into the hands of the sophisticated and highly organized criminal gangs operating within the nation’s prisons.


Such gangs used the illegal phones to intimidate witnesses, conduct drug deals and even order hits on prison staff and prosecutors. The problem continued to escalate through 2010. Something needed to be done.


Then, in 2015, Securus Technologies began rolling out what it termed the Wireless Containment System. The system quickly racked up an impressive record, stopping nearly all illegal cellular calls from within prisons where it had been installed.


Now, the company is ramping up efforts to spread awareness of the system. With increasing adoption of the WCS, Securus estimates that, by 2020, illegal cellular calls will be virtually eliminated from the U.S. prison system.


Jacob Gottlieb is an Entrepreneur and a Philanthropist

March 29, 2018 • fishcarolina

Jacob Gottlieb founded Visium Asset Management, LLC in 2005. He is the Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of the firm, which is located in New York City. He is a chartered financial advisor (CFA), as well as a doctor of medicine (MD).


His parents moved to the United States, from Poland, in the 1960s. He was born in Brooklyn, New York. He became interest in both medicine, and finance at an early age. This was due mainly to the fact that his mother is a pediatrician, and his father is an economics professor. There were also other factors.


His interest in the stock market developed while he was in grade school, at which time he won a contest for picking winning stocks. Soon after, his father set up an investment account for him, and the entrepreneurial spirit in him came alive. He went on to earn degrees in both of his fields of interest.


Jacob Gottlieb earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, at Brown University in Rhode Island. He then achieved his medical degree at New York University Medical School. He completed his internship at St Vincent’s Hospital in New York City. He then began his career in the financial industry.


He has grown his company, Visium Asset Management, from a startup company to the point where it is today, managing over $3 billion in assets. As a business owner and a successful entrepreneur, he enjoys discussing the topic of building a business from the ground up. Jacob Gottlieb has friends who are also hedge fund managers, and they gather once a month for lively discussions during their poker games.


Jacob Gottlieb has another passion, and that is helping others. He is a charitable man, and he donates to several worthy causes, one of which is the Covenant House. The Covenant House was established over 40 years ago, to help young people who are displaced, or runaways, and homeless.


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