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Wes Edens; A Visionary Entrepreneur Trained to Recognize Unique Investment Opportunities

September 11, 2018 • fishcarolina

Among the first entrepreneurs in the modern form of investment management firms is Wes Edens. He and two others came together to form Fortress Investment Group which is still in operation to date. It was the first largest investment company to record on the New York Stock Exchange. Fortress Investment Group began in 1998. It deals with various forms of investments from hedge funds to private equity. It has almost $50 billion worth of assets under its supervision and nearly 2000 investors. With the expertise of the founders (the other two are Rob Kauffman and Randal Nardone), the company has successfully engaged in high-risk investments. As an entrepreneur, Wes Edens infiltrated the transport system by coming up with a more efficient way of traveling from Miami to Fort Lauderdale. He formed the Brightline’s Smart Service, the only privately owned rail system in America.

The company, which belongs to Fortress Investment Group, began its operations on May 2018. Wes has plans to expand the train system operations into Chicago, St Loius, and Milwaukee. The train system’s efficiency comes hand in hand with the cost and time taken to travel between the two cities that it serves. The average driving time from Miami to Fort Lauderdale is one hour. Moreover, it may take up to $40 to book a taxi. The transport cost for the Brightline trains is only $10. It is estimated to travel using half the time a vehicle will take from Miami to Fort Lauderdale. You will rarely find such privileges such as comfortable seats and good food in transport cars or government train systems.

Apart from influencing the investment management world, Wes Edens has also ventured into the sports arena. He is a co-owner of Milwaukee Bucks, a successful basketball team that is globally recognized. Wes confirmed his intentions of expanding into soccer after his recent purchase of Aston Villa Football Club, an England based football club. Wes Edens worked together with Nassef Sawiris to own a more substantial part of Aston Villa’s shares. Nassef is also an entrepreneur based in Egypt. The ownership deal concluded with English Football League’s recognition of the purchase. Though in the past few seasons Aston Villa has not been doing well in the renowned Premier League, it has been among the top teams in the league for years. The new ownership development aims at bettering the Aston villa’s image and returning the team to its rightful place at the top.

The Evaluation Of The Crypto Crash By Paul Mampilly

September 8, 2018 • fishcarolina

Paul Mampilly is an investor for Banyan Hills Publishing and was previously a hedge fund manager. He was born in India, and when he made his trek to the United States, he was pulled in to the hustle and bustle of Wall Street. He has over 25 years of investing experience, with his start as an assistant portfolio manager for Bankers Trust back in 1991. Mampilly then went on to work for other companies and managing multimillion accounts and portfolios. He created a newsletter, Profits Unlimited, in order to reach more people who are interested in investing smart.

Paul Mampilly writes various investment articles to various sources, such as Banyan Hill Publishing Company. He released an article on August 23, 2018, that looked into the a major innovation that underscores many cryptocurrencies. He starts the topic off by reminding his readers about FOMO, or the fear of missing out. As investors, it is critical for them to jump in and buy stocks at a critical point, and choose whether to hold that stock or sell it for its highest price. Paul Mampilly brings this up because he previously warned subscribers that they should not jump hastily onto the bitcoin bandwagon. Bitcoin process were doing well for a quick moment, and then suffered a massive drop and has not shown much recovery. Paul Mampilly views cryptocurrencies as being volatile, and suggests not investing in it.

Cryptocurrency was doing so well in the beginning because of the hype created by the media, skewing investors impressions into believing this would put them on the track on making a lot of money. There are plenty stories of individuals investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and making rich gains, however, this was just a blurred bubble. In effect, other investors put a lot of their money into this market hoping to make it big as well, however, the door that was open is now closed, the prices dropping off 70%. This crash in the crypto market has left many with sad tales to tell. What caused this sudden loss? The culprit is another technology, blockchain, which is more sturdy and robust. Blockchain is used almost everywhere, either to verify an identity or to prove ownership. It easily stores these types of sensitive information, and will be used more in the upcoming years.

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The Real Deal Behind the Chainsmoker Alex Pall

September 7, 2018 • fishcarolina

As the Chainsmokers; Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart look ahead to the future, they take a moment to reflect on where they came from and what it means for the future. One risked it all by leaving home and the other by quitting his day job. This commitment has proved worth the risk.

Alex Pall knew that he and Taggart would get along after their first conversation. Each one brought skills to the table that would allow for an intriguing combination. While Pall was social media savvy and capable of managing their online image, Taggart was a successful producer. Their drive and ambition drives them to be a better than average DJ duo.

Unlike, many of the artist out in there today; Pall insist that they keep their hands in the water. Either writing the lyrics themselves, or ensuring collaborations do not get off track. Which makes sense as the music is about there lives and how they feel about its evolution. It’s imperative that the sound of the music and the lyrics ring true. The definitive proof is in the song Closer; which is a collaboration in vocals with Halsey, but written by Taggart and another friend.

Musically, they are more in sync than ever, but at home they are a bit different. Andrew Taggart has chosen a home with more of a modern design, but with a fung shui feel. More than 45 thousand square feet show off glass walls for the dining and living rooms. The dazzling display of a sleek waterfall adding to the rich views of the landscape.

However, Alex Pall chose a home circa 1930. Several modern highlights include a home studio and with the stunning mountain views there is no shortage of inspiration. With a tree growing in the entryway, his home is more of a Zen upgrade.

Regardless of their different style of homes, music finds them closely knit together. Looking forward, even as they acknowledge the past.

Dick DeVos Changed Grand Rapids For Good

September 6, 2018 • fishcarolina

There is absolutely no question that Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy changed the face of Grand Rapids, Michigan forever. The reason why this is important or even being discussed in the first place is because the pair are from that city. It is their hometown, and it is the first place that was impacted in a big way by the methods that the DeVos family uses. Put another way, had it not been for what the DeVos family did in Grand Rapids, they might not have continued to have the success that they so obviously have had throughout the remainder of their life.


The two did not exactly set out to change the entire landscape of Grand Rapids, Michigan, but that is how things worked out. What they saw at first was that the city was going to attempt to build a multi-sports complex with the hopes of attracting more tourism and dollars to the city. The DeVos family thought that this was a horrible idea primarily because they did not see any positive results coming out of this when other cities such as Detroit had attempted it in the past. They were concerned that the city was only looking at this from one narrow prospective, and they believed that by doing so, the city was actually reducing its chances of successfully its end goals.


Both DeVos family members began to lobby against the idea of building the sports center precisely because they knew that it would likely fail in Grand Rapids just as it had in so many other cities and towns in Michigan. They convinced enough people to agree with them on this issue, and the next thing you know, the city scrapped the plan to have the sports complex at all. It was as simple as that.


Instead of just celebrating their victory and moving on with life, the Dick and Betsy DeVos donated a large portion of their personal money to help build up other important structures in Grand Rapids including a new medical school building for the University of Michigan State. They did not want to just leave the city without developments that they agreed that it needed. Instead, they just wanted to make sure that the developments that did come along were ones that would actually be productive to the city and help it along on its course towards greater development going forward.


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Lime Crime Cosmetics In The UK

August 25, 2018 • fishcarolina

Lime Crime, a Los Angeles-based cosmetics line, has dominated the industry over the past few years thanks to its unapologetic behavior. This particular company offers a wide range of unique colors. Many of the colors are standard while others are blended. One of the best features here is that the company is animal cruelty-free. Doe Deere, the company’s founder, has always had a strong passion for animals. This woman doesn’t believe in the killing of animals just to produce makeup products. Ever since 2008, Lime Crime has been clawing its way to the top of the ranks. On top of that, the animal-cruelty brand is 100 percent vegan.

Every one of these fabulous products are thought-out as well as planned. Deere, and her staff are firm believers in trying out the products before they ever hit the market. If something doesn’t feel right with the product itself, then it will be discarded. Cruelty-free products are all the rage these days as these items have been some of the top-selling beauty products as of late. In the UK alone, sales of these products have risen by 38 percent. If market trends are this good, then you should definitely get in on the action. At this point in time, online businesses are earning huge profits, especially when being compared to brick-and-mortar retailors. Many of the campaigns for beauty products are conducted on social media sites. This is one of the major reasons to why LC has decided to go international. There is a huge demand for these distinct products.

Cashmere, utopia, red velvet, black velvet, Zenon, flamingo, pink velvet, bleached, polly, faded, concrete and wicked are just some of the many extraordinary hues that can be found here. Doe Deere’s brand is certainly looking like it will be a success, but only time will actually tell.

Transforming Australian Lives Through Financial Coaching

August 22, 2018 • fishcarolina

MediaNet recognizes Infinity Group Australia as the 58th most innovative company in Australia and New Zealand. Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker are the founders of this company. Since 2013, this entity has been serving people as it steadily grows. Many Australians have managed to reduce their debts significantly as well as enhancing their finances. Due to these achievements, these clients have a secured future.

It is not even five years yet, and Infinity Group has scooped a rank in the top one hundred most innovative companies. The inception of Infinity was a creative idea that set the culture of practices in this company. Graeme realized that Australian people were receiving poor terms from financial institutions and he decided to capitalize on this opportunity. It would be a win-win situation for Graeme and his clients. He gets business while the clients benefit from his convenient and affordable services.

Today, Graeme and Rebecca are glad because they believed in their dream and pursued it. Graeme has a long experience in financial services, but he was unhappy with the monotony of his everyday work. Infinity Group Australia is a chance for Graeme to work in diverse divisions and enjoy his career. Making a difference does not happen by doing things ordinarily. Graeme and Rebecca strive to approach customer needs in a unique technique.

Every customer has varying needs and circumstances. It is through innovation and creativity that has brought Infinity Group this far. Customers always go home satisfied and happy that their problems have been resolved. Infinity Group Australia is not just a profit making business. It is about nobility and helping Australians with their financial needs. Graeme Holm derives pleasure in his work and will continue helping people for many years.

Graeme Holm’s principle is focusing on the dream and passion because it is close to the ultimate success. Before Graeme established Infinity Group, he had gathered seventeen years of experience in the financial sector. He worked in financial planning, real estate, and banking environment. This experience and knowledge highly contribute to his role as a trainer of finances. Receiving recognition from MediaNet and other organizations is a beginning of a long journey. More work awaits Graeme Holms and Rebecca Walker. The society and nation have high expectations for these partners and their company.

Most financial institutions do not pay significant attention to average and low-income earners. Surprisingly, they are the largest population of Australia. After Infinity Group was established these populations, do not feel neglected. Graeme and Rebecca have assisted them to create wealth and anticipate a secure financial future. Success was achieved by building a relationship between the company and clients. This lasting relationship will drive the company and its clients to greater heights.

The Media on Equities First Holdings

August 19, 2018 • fishcarolina

Starting in Indianapolis and growing to be the most well-known loan company across the world has to be the greatest feeling. The response from consumers are great, and for the past fifteen years, Equities First Holdings has a success rate that no one can top. The key to their success is revealed as the media releases more information about the company. There whole process is simple to business owners. EFH focuses on giving the better interest rates on their loans verses their competition. Because the company is prioritized, there business plan is smart because of including what the consumers would need after receiving their loan. Equities First Holdings didn’t need to try to adjust any of their fixed rates. Many of their customers were well pleased with their fees.

Equities First Holdings look for those companies who have invested in stock and are willing to borrow from EFH using their stock as the collateral. They have done exceptionally well with the accounting field by introducing a way for credit to not be the only factor in deciding if someone is getting a loan. All of Equities First Holdings experiences gives them a clear victory in all their endeavors. All parties involved are well pleased, and their significant financial needs are covered.


Yanni Hufnagel Proves A Success With Vanderbilt And Other Basketball Groups

August 11, 2018 • fishcarolina

The respected basketball coach, Yanni Hufnagel has been developing his skills as a basketball coach and recruiter for many years. In the history of the game, few assistant coaches have achieved the levels of success seen by Hufnagel over the last decade. Yanni Hufnagel has not limited himself to exploring the sector of college sports with his professional appointment that of an intern at the New Jersey Nets in the NBA. Following this, the New York native embarked on a college-based basketball coaching career with success following his every move.


The mentor in the Partners for Youth with Disabilities program in Boston began his career as an assistant coach at the University of Oklahoma. Upon arriving on the Sooners campus, Hufnagel was given the chance to aid in the development of the career of Blake Griffin during his time at the college. Working with Griffin during the 2008-2009 season led to the Los Angeles Clippers taking the player as the number one draft pick of 2009 and Hufnagel being lauded for his coaching of the NBA superstar.


Following his excellent work with the University of Oklahoma, Yanni Hufnagel decided to further his career with a more prominent role at Harvard University where he would coach future NBA star, Jeremy Lin. At Harvard, the recruiting skills of Yanni Hufnagel became the focus of many experts who lauded the classes he helped assemble in 2011, 2012, and 2013. By the end of his time at Harvard University, Hufnagel had been identified by CBS Sports as one of their dream team of assistant coaches on the college circuit.


It was as an assistant coach at Vanderbilt University that Yanni Hufnagel really came into his own helping lead the team to four 20 win seasons and three Ivy League titles. In 2014, the Cornell University graduate assisted in developing a recruiting class rated by ESPN as among the top 30 in the nation.

Facts about Ted Bauman

July 29, 2018 • fishcarolina

As a re-known editor of several publications such as ”The Bauman Letter”, ”Plan B Club” and ”Alpha Stock Alert” Ted Bauman has specialized his skills in asset protection, international migration, minimal risk investment and privacy. As a journalist who is driven by the revelation of truth, he has dedicated himself to fighting corporate greed and government oversight, which mostly violate peoples’ rights. It is because of this sole purpose that Ted Bauman has been on the forefront in helping people acquire the necessary resources they need to live an autonomous life full of freedom.

During his career in South Africa where he served several executive roles for several nonprofit organizations, Ted Bauman was able to fund Slum Dwellers International as a fund manager for low-cost housing projects. Currently, the project has catered for more than fourteen million people around the world and has expanded its reach in thirty-five different countries. During his career working on a variety of housing projects around the globe, he was privileged to visit over seventy-five nations in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.

His experience during all these visits gave him a new point of perspective about the safety of working, living and storing your wealth in different locations internationally. He concluded that it is safer to park your money in the best health care, best way bank that allows you to store your gold and even properties along luxurious ocean sides, which protect your money in the years to come.

As a full-time researcher and writer, Ted Bauman recommends a vast range of personal solutions and economic opportunities that assist his subscribers in enriching their lives. His financial letter has received positive feedback from its subscribers whereby most people say that he is too direct and the advice he gives is something he believes in. In his current occupation as a writer, Ted has confined himself to working under his own set of values and ethics, which include respect for the people, personal liberty and balance between societal interests and personal interests. These values have enabled him to be sincere and compelling.

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David McDonald- The President of OSI Group

July 28, 2018 • fishcarolina

What more does a company need than to be in a stable working state with the current changing market? For OSI, this is just but one of an advantage they have. All this can be attributed to David McDonald, the current president of the Organization. Having completed a degree in animal science from Lowa State University, David McDonald managed to get a job with OSI Group. He was made the president and still serves this post till currently.

As a president of any institution, it demands many sacrifices from oneself. David McDonald is such a person who has managed to drive the OSI Group into greatness. A small review on OSI Group is that it is a company that supplies food products to food stores in the global market. OSI has been able to maintain this state due to the excellent management and leadership have given by David McDonald.

Most of the adjustments made by David in OSI are broadly focused on market expansion and customers satisfaction. He knows that this in return will always have a positive impact on the company in the long run. David has managed to expand the global market for their products and services. For instance, OSI has launched a joint partnership known as DaOSI with DOYOO Group in China which deals with poultry production. Poland has not been left behind in this too, as David also launched a beef processing facility there.

Through this project of expanding territories, OSI Group managed to acquire Baho Food, which is also an organization dealing with food products. David had a statement to make regarding this deal. He stated that OSIs’ presence had been significantly expanded in Europe and also the range of products offered has been improved too; the reason behind being that Baho has over more than 60 years of experience in the food industry.

David is this kind of a leader who always had his customers put first in every decision he makes. Knowing that customers from different parts of the world have different cultures, he established a global network whose purpose was to understand their customers’ cultures well. This was to ensure that they provide products and services that go hand in hand with the demands of their customers’ culture. All that David did was to the advantage of OSI, to make it better than it was before.

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