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The Real Deal Behind the Chainsmoker Alex Pall

September 7, 2018 • fishcarolina

As the Chainsmokers; Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart look ahead to the future, they take a moment to reflect on where they came from and what it means for the future. One risked it all by leaving home and the other by quitting his day job. This commitment has proved worth the risk.

Alex Pall knew that he and Taggart would get along after their first conversation. Each one brought skills to the table that would allow for an intriguing combination. While Pall was social media savvy and capable of managing their online image, Taggart was a successful producer. Their drive and ambition drives them to be a better than average DJ duo.

Unlike, many of the artist out in there today; Pall insist that they keep their hands in the water. Either writing the lyrics themselves, or ensuring collaborations do not get off track. Which makes sense as the music is about there lives and how they feel about its evolution. It’s imperative that the sound of the music and the lyrics ring true. The definitive proof is in the song Closer; which is a collaboration in vocals with Halsey, but written by Taggart and another friend.

Musically, they are more in sync than ever, but at home they are a bit different. Andrew Taggart has chosen a home with more of a modern design, but with a fung shui feel. More than 45 thousand square feet show off glass walls for the dining and living rooms. The dazzling display of a sleek waterfall adding to the rich views of the landscape.

However, Alex Pall chose a home circa 1930. Several modern highlights include a home studio and with the stunning mountain views there is no shortage of inspiration. With a tree growing in the entryway, his home is more of a Zen upgrade.

Regardless of their different style of homes, music finds them closely knit together. Looking forward, even as they acknowledge the past.

Discover The Best Udon Place In Tokyo With Kim Dao

June 13, 2017 • fishcarolina

Ever wonder where the best udon is in Tokyo? Well, if you ask Kim Dao, she’ll tell you it’s in Shinjuku. Kim Dao reveals her top pick for udon and takes viewers on a tour of Tokyo in her latest video “BEST UDON IN JAPAN! Shopping & Sightseeing in Shinjuku.”Learn more :

According to Kim Dao, the best udon in Shinjuku is at a restaurant called TsuruTonTan. This Japanese noodle chain actually has restaurants all around the world. When she gets inside this restaurant, Kim Dao orders the creamy chicken udon.

After her lunch, Kim Dao explores some more of Shinjuku with her brand new camera. She captures some amazing shots of everyday life in this amazing section of Tokyo.Learn more :

Visitors get an awesome aerial view of Tokyo from the top of the government building.Learn more :

While walking around Tokyo, Kim Dao gets extremely thirsty. She decides to purchase a packet of apple juice to quench her thirst. Kim then decides to try on a few pairs of jeans at a local store.Learn more :

A few moments later, Kim Dao goes to a Krispy Kreme store and orders a donut. Kim Dao highly recommends the “twinkle, twinkle, star” donut.

For dinner, Kim Dao orders a burger with cheesy fries from Shake Shack. She closes the video with a mini “shopping haul.”