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Transforming Australian Lives Through Financial Coaching

August 22, 2018 • fishcarolina

MediaNet recognizes Infinity Group Australia as the 58th most innovative company in Australia and New Zealand. Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker are the founders of this company. Since 2013, this entity has been serving people as it steadily grows. Many Australians have managed to reduce their debts significantly as well as enhancing their finances. Due to these achievements, these clients have a secured future.

It is not even five years yet, and Infinity Group has scooped a rank in the top one hundred most innovative companies. The inception of Infinity was a creative idea that set the culture of practices in this company. Graeme realized that Australian people were receiving poor terms from financial institutions and he decided to capitalize on this opportunity. It would be a win-win situation for Graeme and his clients. He gets business while the clients benefit from his convenient and affordable services.

Today, Graeme and Rebecca are glad because they believed in their dream and pursued it. Graeme has a long experience in financial services, but he was unhappy with the monotony of his everyday work. Infinity Group Australia is a chance for Graeme to work in diverse divisions and enjoy his career. Making a difference does not happen by doing things ordinarily. Graeme and Rebecca strive to approach customer needs in a unique technique.

Every customer has varying needs and circumstances. It is through innovation and creativity that has brought Infinity Group this far. Customers always go home satisfied and happy that their problems have been resolved. Infinity Group Australia is not just a profit making business. It is about nobility and helping Australians with their financial needs. Graeme Holm derives pleasure in his work and will continue helping people for many years.

Graeme Holm’s principle is focusing on the dream and passion because it is close to the ultimate success. Before Graeme established Infinity Group, he had gathered seventeen years of experience in the financial sector. He worked in financial planning, real estate, and banking environment. This experience and knowledge highly contribute to his role as a trainer of finances. Receiving recognition from MediaNet and other organizations is a beginning of a long journey. More work awaits Graeme Holms and Rebecca Walker. The society and nation have high expectations for these partners and their company.

Most financial institutions do not pay significant attention to average and low-income earners. Surprisingly, they are the largest population of Australia. After Infinity Group was established these populations, do not feel neglected. Graeme and Rebecca have assisted them to create wealth and anticipate a secure financial future. Success was achieved by building a relationship between the company and clients. This lasting relationship will drive the company and its clients to greater heights.

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Doe Deere – article recap

April 26, 2018 • fishcarolina

Beautiful and Bold Doe Deere exemplifies all that her cosmetic company Lime Crime embodies. She is bold and colorful. Her makeup line was created for people who are not introverts and are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Lime Crime came on the beauty scene through a YouTube targeted ad campaign involving makeup demonstrations. Lime Crime was a big hit with beauty bloggers and gained a huge following. The beautifully packaged makeup and daring colors helped Lime Crime attain a cultlike following. The Lime Crime Cosmetics line branded itself as makeup for “Unicorns.” Unicorns being individuals who are not afraid to wear the bright colors, glitter, and metallic makeup that comprise the Lime Crime makeup.


Though recently Lime Crime Cosmetics has come under fire as some beauty bloggers have made allegations that Lime Crime is not vegan and cruelty-free, there is no denying that Lime Crime Cosmetics are well-made, attractive, and come in beautifully designed cases. The Venus Palette comes in an artistic case featuring the goddess Venus herself and the cute Pocket Candy Palettes were inspired by Polly Pocket. The Lime Crime Cosmetics line is characterized by daring colors, glamorous glitter, and futuristic metallics. Learn more:


Stylist Magazine recently interviewed Doe Deere prior to the London opening of the pop-up shop Feelunique x Lime Crime on the 27th of April. Where she shares her thoughts on her cosmetics line, the challenges of being an entrepreneur, and the importance of her commitment to a vegan and cruelty- free makeup line. Doe Deere believes that her creative and bold makeup line is what helped her attain a cult-like status. The daring colors, glitters, and metallics stand out among other makeup lines, and standing out is what gained Lime Crime a cult following. The importance of individuality is what defines her cosmetics line and what Doe believes helped her cosmetics line succeed.


On her road from a fashion designer to a cosmetics beauty brand creator, Doe Deere has made some mistakes along the way but believes that these were small hurdles. She learned from her mistakes, and as a result, her company became better. One decision that was not a mistake was her determination to create a cosmetics line and a company that was vegan and cruelty-free. Doe Deere went so far as to certify her cosmetics as vegan and cruelty-free by the animal rights organization PETA and the Leaping Bunny Program. The certification by both organizations demonstrates to consumers the Lime Crime Cosmetics dedication to vegan and cruelty-free makeup.


Doe Deere recommends that women interested in entrepreneurship follow their passion, watch the market, and focus on providing a product or service that consumers want. Doe’s passion was her love of fashion and then her love of cosmetics. It was this passion that led her to create a cosmetics line and watch it grow from a company that only offered a few products to a company with a large catalogue of cosmetics. The Lime Crime name and beauty brand has attained recognition worldwide.

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Securus Technologies Helping Officers Catch a Thief Ten Years Later

May 5, 2017 • fishcarolina

I work in law enforcement and my job involves helping to close out cold cases. One particular cold case that I was working on involved a murderer who eluded capture and disappeared to Mexico. In those ten years, there had been hundreds of sightings of this suspect, but I was always a step behind. Even with some very credible tips, it seemed like the suspect knew our every move and always got out of the area as we were setting up for an arrest.


This year has been especially frustrating for me in particular because this suspect was actually arrested for an unrelated offense, and before I could call the arresting agency, he was out on a technicality. Had I been there 10 minutes earlier, this suspect and his long run would be over. Even with the latest technological advances, I was spinning my wheels, that is, until I discovered Securus Technologies was in town installing a new communications system in the jail.


Although the new system in the jail was for monitoring inmate conversations, the covert alert feature is what intrigued me. I knew if I could use this software for a shirt while, I could close the gap on this suspect and finally get him where he belonged. It wasn’t a week after I had been studying the software that I got my first break when his cousins were going to be unexpectedly taking a trip south. We had a lead and made sure to track the vehicle the entire trip.


On the way back from Mexico, we pulled over the car and found our suspect hiding in a compartment in the trunk area. This software was able to help my agency to put an end to a ten year cold case that was really getting close to never being closed.


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