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Dick DeVos Changed Grand Rapids For Good

September 6, 2018 • fishcarolina

There is absolutely no question that Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy changed the face of Grand Rapids, Michigan forever. The reason why this is important or even being discussed in the first place is because the pair are from that city. It is their hometown, and it is the first place that was impacted in a big way by the methods that the DeVos family uses. Put another way, had it not been for what the DeVos family did in Grand Rapids, they might not have continued to have the success that they so obviously have had throughout the remainder of their life.


The two did not exactly set out to change the entire landscape of Grand Rapids, Michigan, but that is how things worked out. What they saw at first was that the city was going to attempt to build a multi-sports complex with the hopes of attracting more tourism and dollars to the city. The DeVos family thought that this was a horrible idea primarily because they did not see any positive results coming out of this when other cities such as Detroit had attempted it in the past. They were concerned that the city was only looking at this from one narrow prospective, and they believed that by doing so, the city was actually reducing its chances of successfully its end goals.


Both DeVos family members began to lobby against the idea of building the sports center precisely because they knew that it would likely fail in Grand Rapids just as it had in so many other cities and towns in Michigan. They convinced enough people to agree with them on this issue, and the next thing you know, the city scrapped the plan to have the sports complex at all. It was as simple as that.


Instead of just celebrating their victory and moving on with life, the Dick and Betsy DeVos donated a large portion of their personal money to help build up other important structures in Grand Rapids including a new medical school building for the University of Michigan State. They did not want to just leave the city without developments that they agreed that it needed. Instead, they just wanted to make sure that the developments that did come along were ones that would actually be productive to the city and help it along on its course towards greater development going forward.


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Fight For A System Unrigged! End Citizens United Kill Corruption Mission

August 17, 2017 • fishcarolina

With the 2018 congressional elections fast approaching, End Citizens United or ECU rightly challenges today’s corrupt political agenda that has left everyday Americans powerless. The grassroots-funded movement strives to empower Americans by electing Congress members that value democracy. In light of his political assault, ECU strongly opposes Citizens United, which allows Congressional candidates to exercise aggressive fundraising tactics to gain political advantage during elections. The decision handed down by the Supreme Courts in 2010, rescued enterprising political parties that support this agenda. Now, ordinary Americans face tougher times as healthcare privileges diminish, job outsourcing activities gain momentum and salary scales remain frozen.


While the average American is left to endure this unfairness, “special interests” control over Washington deepens. A recent polling conducted by Hart Research revealed that an estimated 79 percent of the voting population in Senate conflict states blame the “rigged system” for the nation’s escalating crisis. ECU strongly argues that unrigging the bigoted system will gradually put an end to some of the country’s worsening economic, social and political issues. It’s committed to disarming the internal forces fueling corruption with undisclosed funds. In an effort to realize this goal, ECU builds on the idea of a revised legislation that addresses campaign finance reform. The organization launched a clean fundraiser during last year’s election, reporting over $25 million in donations with an average contribution of $14.


As it continues its unwavering assault on the “rigged system,” ECU still manages to stay on top of fundraising. USA Today learned that ECU ongoing fundraising projects should haul a generous $35 million in donations before the next midterm congressional elections. At the beginning of this year’s fundraising calendar, it succeeded in raising $4 million just three months into the cycle. As a PAC that’s established on traditional values, ECU has a levied a $5000 donation cap for individual contributions. The PAC isn’t shy of its progress and remains optimistic about the fundraising projection for 2018.


The PAC’s director and president, Tiffany Muller, reported that the organization received 40 thousand new pledges of the 100 thousand donors recorded during this year’s first quarter. Its median donation is scaled down to about $12 in accordance with the latest updated record. As the ruling Republican House lost a seat after decommissioning former Health and Human Services Secretary, Tom Price; ECU quickly elected newly campaigning Democrat, Jon Ossoff, to represent Georgia during the emergency election. In an effort to mobilize a campaign for the young emerging Democrat, ECU sought donations to reach a $500 000 threshold. Surprisingly, Ossoff hauled over $4 million in donations. While ECU stance on races for the upcoming congressional election in 2018 is undecided, it’s clear on its role to overturn Citizens United.

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