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George Soros Establishes Open Societies to Help the Less Fortunate Acquire Justice and Peace

May 30, 2017 • fishcarolina

George Soros was born in Budapest. He resides in the United States of America. Bred in Budapest, he left his native land amidst war. His arrival in the United States marked an active regime in the charity landscape of most organizations. This is because Soros has massively contributed to funding over fifty charity organizations since his relocation. As one of the world’s prominent giver, Soros has always been devoted to supporting the less fortunate in the society. His contribution towards charity totals to more than $ 12 billion. His funding has majorly been distributed to organizations focused on helping people in expressing their freedom. These organizations do this by fighting corruption, promoting legal systems for justice and enhancing societal transparency.

Nazi Regime

George Soros success story is not like any other person’s. He was born in a war dominated zone. All he ever knew was how to offer protection to his loved ones. As a teenager, he experienced hardships because of the Nazi regime. Soros witnessed the murder of more than 500,000 Jews from Hungary. In addition to this torture, his family survived the era through false identity documents. They not only concealed their backgrounds but also, assisted others in their society in doing the same. In an interview years after the Nazi regime, Soros stated that they never submitted to their fate. He added that they built a union of brotherhood to be stronger in future. With that combination, most of them survived. They also managed to assist others with survival tactics. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Soros Foundation

In 1947, the Communists garnered power in Hungary. This was after the Nazi regime and war. Soros left Budapest for London. He worked at a railway station in the day and a waiter at night. This was to support his college education. The alumnus of London School of Economics could not be barred from achieving his dreams. He flew to the United States of America in 1956. His entry in America marked the beginning of his investment career. In a bid to change the world, Soros launched a foundation called Soros Fund Management. This was in 1970. Currently, the organization ranks top in the list of the world’s best givers.

 Open Society Foundations

Being a man committed to helping people, Soros started a program dubbed the Open Society Foundations. This is a network of organizations, programs, and projects in over 100 countries. From its work and name, the organization fosters Soro’s passion. It also reflects his commitment and thoughts. According to Karl Popper’s philosophy, there is no final arbiter in any ideology. Soros was inspired by these words when he was a student at the London School of Economics. Pooper published these words in his book titled Open Society and its Enemies. Visit this site to know more at

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