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Drew Madden Is Skilled At Healthcare IT Implementation

June 5, 2018 • fishcarolina

The healthcare information technology field is slated for some major changes going into 2018. One of these changes is the increased use of data analytics in the healthcare sector. New policies and new payment models will lead to a greater use of data analytics in the healthcare IT infrastructure. Data analysts should also have their hands full dealing with the implementation of new IT models that use data analytics.

In addition to data analytics, informatics will be seeing a rise in the healthcare system as well. Informatics can be very useful to both physicians and patients. It will streamline record keeping and data transmission. This can help physicians save time and avoid burnout. It will also allow physicians to focus on proving care and have their staff be more efficient. More efficient record keeping with informatics will also allow the seamless transmission of data from one provider or clinic to another.

Privacy and security concerns are another major concern for the healthcare industry going forward. The increased digitization of healthcare will mean that healthcare IT workers must safeguard the privacy of patient records. Cybersecurity records must also make sure that these records are not hacked and that the records are secure.

Workforce development must also be a key priority for colleges, employers and the federal government. The increased use of healthcare IT means that both physicians and other medical staff must be able to use new technology and keep electronic records. Educating people so that they now how to use this new technology and IT systems is paramount to maintaining a high-quality healthcare system.

More and more physicians, hospitals and clinics are switching from paper to electronic records now. This creates a need for accurate and reliable clinic documentation. This can only be achieved with effective and reliable healthcare IT systems and networks that allow physicians to record and share healthcare data.

Drew Madden is a information technology executive who specializes in healthcare systems. He studied industrial engineering and healthcare systems in college and successfully launched IT infrastructure for hundreds of different companies and providers while working at Nordic Consulting Partners. Today, he works as a managing partner at healthcare IT consulting company, Evergreen Healthcare. Mr. Madden is committed to creating and implementing a productive and efficient IT environment for medical firms and physicians.

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Categories: Healthcare IT Leaders