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Futurist Jason Hope Is Credible Voice On Future Of Technology

March 29, 2017 • fishcarolina

Jason Hope has made himself known as one of Arizona’s most recognizable tech entrepreneurs. Throughout his long career, Hope has started a long list of successful companies, some of which have contributed new technologies and innovations to the country.

Shortly after graduating from Arizona State University, Hope founded his first company. Jawa, as it was conceived, was one of the pioneers in the field of premium mobile content delivery. Hope quickly built the company into one of the largest mobile content providers in the country, blazing trails in fields such as music downloading and video streaming.

All this may now seem somewhat pedestrian. But it’s worth noting that Hope was doing all of this in the late ’90s, almost a full decade before Apple’s iStore opened. In fact, Hope had built a mobile media empire at a time when most of the U.S. population still didn’t even own a mobile phone. It has been this ability to spot trends and create new technologies that no one else can see that has led Hope to the position of prominence he currently enjoys.

Later, Hope went on to found a string of businesses that specialized in business to business software solutions and app development. Today, he has stepped back from a daily management role of his tech empire to focus on writing for a number of blogs, magazines and online tech sites. Hope sees one of the biggest coming trends as being the Internet of Things. He believes it is an area of tremendous opportunity and a rich source of innovation.

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