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Category: Female Entrepreneurs

Makeup Expert Doe Deere Has A Solid Fan Base

March 7, 2018 • fishcarolina

Finding a calling is an important life task. Many people look for ways to marry their need to earn a living while doing something they love at the same time. They want to do something that may also inspire others. Such is the case with Doe Deere. Doe Deere has been lucky. She’s been able to do what she loves and help inspire others to follow with her. As a makeup entrepreneur, she’s watched her life and her work start to become one. She’s also garnered a huge following. People have turned to her for many things. They are looking for fashion advice, new ways to use makeup and other aspects of life such as how best to express themselves through the use of makeup.


Discovering a Passion


Passion has been everything in life for Doe Deere. Passion is what ignites her life. Growing up in Russia, she quickly moved to New York City in her teens. There, she started to find what she was looking for in her life. She started a career that would eventually bring her literally millions of fans. In New York, she spend time attending the Fashion Institute of Technology. She found that doing so helped give her a much needed creative outlet in her life. As she attended classes, she found that ideas began to take shape in her mind. Her creativity began to blossom. She felt inspired and decided that it was time for her to consider striking out on her own and starting a venture she could turn into a way of making money and do what she was clearly meant to do.


The Beginning of Lime Crime


Lime Crime, as she would dub her most famous venture, burst on the scene. Her vivid colors helped bring in people who loved what she was doing. They wanted more. She had started Lime Crime as a way of earning money as well as a way to help create makeup that truly appealed to her personally. She loves color. Color is how she makes sense of the world. She started to create intensely colored makeup in shades that were inventive. Fans caught on and found they shared her personal aesthetic. They loved how she was able to take almost any color in the rainbow and turn it into makeup that looked great.


Reaching Out to Fans


Doe Deere found out she could reach out to her many fans. One way was to create well produced videos. These videos helped people see how to use her makeup. She showed them how they could create looks that would help them really stand out in a crowd. As her videos gained popularity, she began to enjoy a large following. In the last several years, her fan base has only grown and grown. In the process, she’s managed a huge following on many different forms of social media. She has over three million people who follow her every word on very popular social media outlets such as Instagram.



Categories: Female Entrepreneurs