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Month: July 2018

Facts about Ted Bauman

July 29, 2018 • fishcarolina

As a re-known editor of several publications such as ”The Bauman Letter”, ”Plan B Club” and ”Alpha Stock Alert” Ted Bauman has specialized his skills in asset protection, international migration, minimal risk investment and privacy. As a journalist who is driven by the revelation of truth, he has dedicated himself to fighting corporate greed and government oversight, which mostly violate peoples’ rights. It is because of this sole purpose that Ted Bauman has been on the forefront in helping people acquire the necessary resources they need to live an autonomous life full of freedom.

During his career in South Africa where he served several executive roles for several nonprofit organizations, Ted Bauman was able to fund Slum Dwellers International as a fund manager for low-cost housing projects. Currently, the project has catered for more than fourteen million people around the world and has expanded its reach in thirty-five different countries. During his career working on a variety of housing projects around the globe, he was privileged to visit over seventy-five nations in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.

His experience during all these visits gave him a new point of perspective about the safety of working, living and storing your wealth in different locations internationally. He concluded that it is safer to park your money in the best health care, best way bank that allows you to store your gold and even properties along luxurious ocean sides, which protect your money in the years to come.

As a full-time researcher and writer, Ted Bauman recommends a vast range of personal solutions and economic opportunities that assist his subscribers in enriching their lives. His financial letter has received positive feedback from its subscribers whereby most people say that he is too direct and the advice he gives is something he believes in. In his current occupation as a writer, Ted has confined himself to working under his own set of values and ethics, which include respect for the people, personal liberty and balance between societal interests and personal interests. These values have enabled him to be sincere and compelling.

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David McDonald- The President of OSI Group

July 28, 2018 • fishcarolina

What more does a company need than to be in a stable working state with the current changing market? For OSI, this is just but one of an advantage they have. All this can be attributed to David McDonald, the current president of the Organization. Having completed a degree in animal science from Lowa State University, David McDonald managed to get a job with OSI Group. He was made the president and still serves this post till currently.

As a president of any institution, it demands many sacrifices from oneself. David McDonald is such a person who has managed to drive the OSI Group into greatness. A small review on OSI Group is that it is a company that supplies food products to food stores in the global market. OSI has been able to maintain this state due to the excellent management and leadership have given by David McDonald.

Most of the adjustments made by David in OSI are broadly focused on market expansion and customers satisfaction. He knows that this in return will always have a positive impact on the company in the long run. David has managed to expand the global market for their products and services. For instance, OSI has launched a joint partnership known as DaOSI with DOYOO Group in China which deals with poultry production. Poland has not been left behind in this too, as David also launched a beef processing facility there.

Through this project of expanding territories, OSI Group managed to acquire Baho Food, which is also an organization dealing with food products. David had a statement to make regarding this deal. He stated that OSIs’ presence had been significantly expanded in Europe and also the range of products offered has been improved too; the reason behind being that Baho has over more than 60 years of experience in the food industry.

David is this kind of a leader who always had his customers put first in every decision he makes. Knowing that customers from different parts of the world have different cultures, he established a global network whose purpose was to understand their customers’ cultures well. This was to ensure that they provide products and services that go hand in hand with the demands of their customers’ culture. All that David did was to the advantage of OSI, to make it better than it was before.

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Wes Edens : Meeting A Need

July 27, 2018 • fishcarolina

Wes Edens Is a man that can be called successful. Wesley Edens study finance and business administration at Oregon State University. He has a Bachelor of Science in finance and business administration which you got in 1984. He along with others have credit a business and company that has flourished and become successful without a shadow of a doubt. their hard work has made them very financially sound and has commenced them as some of the biggest businessman the world has ever known. Wes Edens along with Randal Nardone called Fortress Investment Group. Equity Firm that have over 43 billion dollars’ worth of asset for over a thousand different investors in private, permanent, and hedge funds. this company is based in New York and has over 900 employees.

Wes Edens and the other founders of this company brought diverse and great experience from several other jobs and positions before starting this company. a different type of that focused on private equity and investing especially into new Innovative investment vehicles. successful and the dividends grew quickly with the company grossing from 400 million to 3 billion during its first five years. In 1999 is when they launched their first investment system. some of the early Investments were in the New York Market especially in real estate. they also did some investigating to Toronto Market. as the company grew so did their functions and services provided which eventually included debt Securities and hedge funds. Wes Edens and his partners so massive success early. eventually one of its leaders left but Eden and Nardone are still with the company as the leaders.

Wesley Edens is sometimes referred to as the new king of subprime Lending. this is from The Wall Street Journal where Fortress investment bought the subprime lender Springfield Financial Services. In 2014 Wes Edens bought the Milwaukee Bucks with a partner for 550 million dollars. sports fan and this is evidence of it. This man Is a true example of the American dream coming true. He saw a need and along with his Partners created a company that met that need.

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Rick Shinto & All That He Has Done

July 13, 2018 • fishcarolina

Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto is a successful doctor that has been able to accomplish a lot through out his career. Dr. Rick Shinto has an extensive amount of knowledge and experience in the medical field. He attended the University of California at Irvine and was able to get his bachelor’s degree. Later on he attended State University of New York at Stony Brook and received his medical degree. He has always been sure that being a part of medical field is something that interested him. Dr. Rick Shinto has always had a desire and a passion to help out. In a recent interview done, he explained how he finds his happiness in doing this. It is his calling and he went for it. All the amount of education has been an important aspect of his success. Enough to be able to lead and guide other doctors to the path of success. With all of the experience that he has been able to acquire, he has been able to reach a high level of success throughout the years. Today, he is the president at Innovacare Health. He has been able to start this medical business and has been able to help out many with this platform. He has always made sure to use his success to serve other that need it the most. There are many patients who have been more than satisfied by the hard work that Dr. Rick Shinto has put in over the years. For more than 20 years, he has had the opportunity to help put and be a part of a variety of different health care facilities. Working at a variety of health care environments, have helped him acquire and be a part of a great group of doctors. With this opportunity, he has been able to help out a variety of patients all through out the nation. This was also a reason as to why he started his own business venture. Dr. Rick Shinto is a man who has dedicated a large portion of his life to the medical world. His perseverance to grow as a business owner as well as a doctor has inspired many through out the world.


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