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Betsy DeVos a political fighter

April 12, 2018 • fishcarolina

Betsy DeVos was confirmed in the Senate in a 51-50 vote, with a tie-breaking vote that was cast by Vice President Mike Pence, which was the first ever from a cabinet officer. This has been the journey of Betsy, challenging the opposition and finding her way through politics. When Betsy was introduced to politics, she started out on a shaky ground which was witnessed through her shaky answers in her confirmation hearings.


After that, she was looked at as an ignorant politician, and she became really bored with the portrayal that she had in the eyes of the people. Although her friends say that she does not like the way the media portrays her, she does not show it, and she even states how the media have had fun with her. Additionally, in public forums, she just brushes off the mockery and even jokes about her confirmation hearings with the employees of the Education Department.


Once she was the Education Secretary, her first act was to plan a meeting up the leaders of the major teachers’ unions, Ms. Lily Eskelsen Garcia and Ms. Weingarten, the president of the National Education Association. Although Ms. Eskelse did not respond to Betsy’s invite, Ms. Weingarten decides to meet up with Betsy, and they planned out how they were going to visit schools together.


Mr. McNeilly supported the brilliant move made by Betsy because he knows that opposition to Betsy only channels her energy more into action. Betsy has always been a fighter when it comes to politics. Some people have stated that she has always been against regulation which contributed largely to the massive changes in public education. She has been at odds with people like John King, the former education secretary and founder of the charter schools because of her support of vouchers and opposition on regulation.


Betsy is seen as someone who has played a huge role in decimating public education through policies. Thomas Pedron, a Wayne State University professor agrees with this statement commented that Betsy is a strong figure when it comes to the choice movement, and he hopes that she will form an opening for a new focus on democratic public education. Since in the current setup, charters are funded by the public although they are privately operated, and around 80% of the charter schools in Michigan are for-profit.


Betsy has been a champion of educational choice, but her vision has always been to break down the mindset of students being discouraged from attending to some schools on a diffrent zip code. Betsy’s approach has always been to offer parents the freedom of taking their children to any school they saw fit. In the long term, Betsy would like to see how technology will favor the educational choice approach. She has seen that technology will break down the barriers or the restriction of education to facilities. If the right legislation is put in place, freedom will be more healthy for the education of the kids.


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