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Month: February 2018

Securus Technologies Expanding its Market beyond North America With the Acquisition of GovPayNet

February 28, 2018 • fishcarolina

The correctional firm that has an excellent track record for nearly three decades and continues to surprise its customers with new products and services from time to time is Securus Technologies. The company was established in the year 1986, and since then has grown to become the market leader and pioneers in the correctional technology space. The products and services offered by Securus Technologies are high-quality, and the company has also received tons of rave reviews online from its users.


The customer service provided by Securus Technologies is also top notch, and it has also received one of the most coveted and respected awards for it, Gold Stevie Award, in 2016. Securus Technologies also has received the highest rating by one of the most respected independent review organization, the Better Business Bureau. It goes on to speak a lot about the standards maintained by the company in offering quality products and services.


Securus Technologies is already the market in the inmate communication services but has also been planning to expand in other directions inside the correctional field. One of the facilities that are highly lucrative, which the company has been eyeing for a while now is the money transfer and payment processing services. It is for this reason the company recently acquired Jpay Inc and then GovPayNet. Securus Technologies believes that with the acquisition of GovPayNet, the company would be expanding its horizon in the correctional technology space, and it would also help in adding a vast customer base that already exists with GovPayNet.


Securus Technologies is confident that the new acquisitions would work wonders for the company. The company believes that in its expansion drive to reach beyond the North American market, the addition of GovPayNet would help tremendously. GovPayNet already serves millions of customers and has collaborated with more than 2,300 correctional agencies in the United States.


U.S. Money Reserve Becomes Official Sponsor of Annual Scottsdale Auction

February 21, 2018 • fishcarolina

The renowned bullion trader, U.S. Money Reserve acted as the official sponsor of Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction, a leading auction cum exhibition for collectible car enthusiasts. The 47th Annual Auction was held until January 21, 2018, and the event was conducted at Westworld of Scottsdale located in Arizona.

By stationing at the main Salon, the team from precious metal trader answered questions raised by visitors and explained them the advantages of owning precious metals. Additionally, the metal supplier also displayed a very rare McLaren P1 GTR at the event. The Chief Numismatist of the firm, John Rothans confirmed that U.S. Money Reserve is highly excited to sponsor the grand event by joining hands with Barrett-Jackson.

He also added that it is a privilege for the firm to collaborate with Barrett-Jackson as the latter is the leader of auctions in collectible cars and known for putting great events. Rothans also think that similar to U.S. Money Reserve, Barrett-Jackson has excellent discerning collectibles audience.

The attendees of the auction were trying to learn more about the services and offerings of U.S. Reserve and visited the company’s booth in large numbers. Interestingly, a large number of people were hovering around McLaren P1 GTR due to their deep passion towards the rare car.

The car showcased by the precious metal supplier had a number of characteristics. Its VIN number is 0001, and it was able to produce a top speed of 225 miles per hour by showcasing an acceleration of 0 to 60 in just 2.4 seconds. It was one of the extremely limited edition car series which produced only 45 in numbers.

The car’s odometer showed a reading of only 605 miles, means it was not used for any riding purpose until that date and mostly used for shows. The firm also facilitated a contact person for further queries on the car: Gary Bennett can be reached at 480-290-3019.

As one of the biggest Collector Car Auctions event, Scottsdale Auction attracted more than 200,000 visitors in just eight days. Apart from that, the event also got significant television coverage.

Even the CEO of Barrett-Jackson, Craig Jackson took the vibe of the event and confirmed that the Auction became the celebration bonanza of the automotive lifestyle. He also appraised this year’s event that the one week Auction attracted guests of all ages with a number of incredible activities.

While coming to the U.S. Money Reserve, it was founded in 2001 to supply the Federal government-issued bullions to individual customers. Later, the firm expanded its inventory network and started offering the precious metals offered by foreign governments and institutions as well.

PR Newswire revealed that while selling precious metals, the supplier also helps the customers to learn about the tricks and tips of bullion investing by offering expert market knowledge. The firm also conducts extensive research in precious metals to help the customers.

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